IPrA panel July 2017 Belfast

Films in Translation – all is not lost: Pragmatics and Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation (Marie-Noëlle Guillot, Maria Pavesi, Louisa Desilla) http://ipra.ua.ac.be/

15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 16-21 July 2017

Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation – Context, Developments, Way Forward
Marie-Noëlle Guillot

Dubbing insults as cross-cultural mediation                                          
Maicol Formentelli & Maria Pavesi

Understanding Implicature in Films: All is Not Lost in Subtitling                                            
Louisa Desilla  

“Don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street": representation of impoliteness strategies in Sherlock across AVT modes and languages                          
Silvia Brut

The function of dialects in original and translated audiovisual dialogue                              
Irene Ranzato

Subtitles and cinematic meaning-making: The participation framework of the subtitled film
Thomas Messerli

Pragmatic questions as alignment and disalignment strategies in original and dubbed film dialogue
Elisa Ghia

"Tute mir Leite, ich verstehe Ihre Akzente nicht" - English and ethnolectal accents in the U.S. original and German dubbed versions of "South Park"
Tom Bossuyt

“I’m having a relationship with my pizza”. The interactional role of food in AVT: A multimodal perspective
Gianmarco Vignozzi







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