BFI Event Feedback


All very interesting! THANKS […] Learning first-hand the main challenges a translator may find […] Becoming aware of all the process from a film industry professionals point of view […] That a cultural reference can trigger different responses in different countries […] Practical examples bringing the theoretical down to earth […] The general quality and diversity of speakers […]The complexities of subtitling multilingual films […] The relativity of the concept of foreign films […] Dubbing and the relationship between dubbing and the political/economic and social context […] Different perspectives from the panel […] Panel discussion and presentations – very good. Excellent – all of the event […] Solid presentation with interesting examples […] In dubbing/subtitling there’s always an open debate between fidelity and reinterpretation […] Foreign films are fun for a richer audiovisual experience and appreciation of diversity […] Audiovisual translation should be perceived as a collective enterprise […] Sensible opinions about the realities of subtitling […] Mix of film studies and AVT […] Raising awareness of issues among the general public (I hope) […]  Industry representation […] Range of speakers’ expertise  […]  Hearing from professionals/academics who aren’t directly involved in translation […] What makes a foreign film foreign […] Debate about Netflix and copyright infringement / censorship […] Subtitling and dubbing are not often included in the production budget for English language movies, but must be included in any other languages […] Translators are held to a different standard of authenticity and readability than any other professions involved in film making […] The changing attitude of the British audiences to dubbing […] The relation between film production and foreseeing the need for subtitling and dubbing […] Interesting examples of cultural allusions triggered in different language […] The importance of linguistic and cultural aspects in foreign films […] Different gaps in this area of research […] No signature means not just a lack of credit but a lack of accountability […] Different professionals offering different points of view […] Viewing translation / dubbing / subbing from an international rather than a British perspective  […]


Today’s event has opened up my mind about the challenges that linguists have to face when subtitling and dubbing […] made me think more about cross-cultural and cross-agenda (? Gender?) representation […] changed my perception on film production and the importance of subtitling / dubbing […] I work in this field so I was fairly well informed but I found several thought-provoking points inc. comments about linguaphobia, and the panel’s scepticism about fansubbing was refreshing […] It was interesting to consider the fact that loss in the course of subtitling is not necessarily problematic […] I am quite aware of the difficulties  but it was very interesting to listen to all the presentations and the debates. Nuances are most interesting […] I am more aware of the problems posed by the activity of translation of audio-visual text […] It is still an under-researched area […] very productive event […] I’ve heard some information I wasn’t aware of before as an AV translator […] Thank you for all the effort that has gone into the event […]


It would be good to hear more from the industry perspective i.e. subtitling companies. Also much needed is discussion about quality of subtitles vs economics of subtitles/subtitlers being done increasingly by non-subtitlers filmmakers/their friends/festival staff. Some of these people are establishing themselves as subtitlers and gaining filmmakers trust but are doing a dreadful job and damaging films! […] I hope there will be more events of this kind in the future. The panel was awesome! […] Great job! Pls do it again soon! […] It would be useful to invite film directors to participate in such discussion, too. I believe they would have their own view on the subject […]

More exploration of solutions of challenges met in AVT […] More in-depth /detailed events more targeted to practitioners of AVT/engaging subtitling industry with film industry more, particularly the BFI […] Everything related to cinema and AVT […] How current translators can move into subtitling/translation for dubbing (esp. funding available […] more related to independents trying to emerge and political impact on translations  […]  Q+A with subtitlers after film; more meetings with industry professionals […] Lectures/ discussions / workshops […] Similar to today => perhaps subtitling short film screenings + Q&A / discussion afterwards? […] Translation in broadcasting/ TV/ Internet / could be another related topic […]

Jason Baldry