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TRAFILM PROJECT  -  Zabalbeascoa  et al.’s, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

A remarkable number of films and television series display more than one language; they include different languages or a language with significant internal variation. of such texts poses important challenges, since language variation can manifest itself in different forms and fulfil certain functions, which could be stylistic, pragmatic or discursive. These texts are often referred to as multilingual (or polylingual, plurilingual or even heterolingual).

The TRAFILM project aims to describe the reality of the translation of multilingual audiovisual texts. We aim to discover professional and social practices along with the norms and criteria of this specific translation challenge. We also hope to validate and refine existing theoretical models on audiovisual translation and multilingualism by describing and analysing a rich collection of data.

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 Dialects in Audiovisual Translation - Irene Ranzato et al.’s, Università di Roma Sapienza

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The multifarious function of regional and social dialects in the fictional dialogues included in films and television series is at the core of this research project. A close look at the way dialects are handled in audiovisual products can reveal the changing attitude of readers and viewers towards this socially loaded lingua-cultural feature.

In its initial stage, the aim of this project is to render accessible through this website, for the benefit of students and scholars, a repository of files on films and TV series whose main or key characters use a variety of regional or social British English. These are categorised according to their function in the dialogues (Kozloff 2000, Richardson 2010, Hodson 2014) […]

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Mapping out the Audiovisual Translation Industry - CinEcoSA Conference,  Nolwenn Mingant et al.

Call for papers - Deadline for proposals 15 December 2017

CRINI (University of Nantes)/CLARE-ARTES (University Bordeaux Montaigne)

6 April 2018, Université de Nantes, France

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