Films in Translation

AVT and Cultural Mediation: Focus on Reception
November 9-10, 2016, UCL CENTRAS 



Harnessing the tools of reception studies to research into AVT as cross-cultural literacy: agenda for the way forward.


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Time Activity
9:00 Registration
9:15 Introduction
9:30 Setting the context with individual presentations
11:00 Tea/Coffee & Biscuits
11:15 Individual presentations
Round-up discussion
12:30 Lunch; short turn around Grant [Darwin] museum
14:00 Workshop, in three groups:
• Blueprints for (mock or real) mini collaborative research projects

- Discuss aspects/features of linguistic/cultural representation in the sample film/s* and agree on one or several aspects to research from the point of view of reception/audiences responses.

- Explore/devise/document options for a collaborative methodology for researching this/these aspects from the point of view of reception/audience response

* a) Vicky Cristina Barcelona (W. Allen, 2008) (Engl/other languages to Lang X);

b) one sample film of your choice (Lang X to English

• Draft a mini interdisciplinary research proposal (one-page, bullet point/note form)

• Report and discussion
16:30 Tea/Coffee & Mini Scones
16:30 Way forward
• Synthesis of workshop outcomes
• Collaborations? funders? actions? Publications…
17:30/18:00 Close
18:15 Short walk (probably to the British Museum, Elgin marbles for Louisa!)
19:30 Dinner
The Provost Dining Room, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6B

THURSDAY 10 NOVEMBER 2016, 9:00AM-5:30PM

AVT Reception and Interculturality Workshop for AVT postgraduate research students and reflective AVT professionals.

The workshop is primarily intended for postgraduate students of audiovisual translation from the UK and abroad. Reflective audiovisual translation professionals who wish to pursue AVT projects may also benefit from this workshop. It will explore with them the challenges of, and methodologies for, researching AVT-mediated linguistic and cultural representation from the perspective of reception and audience response. 

The workshop is organised in the context the AHRC-funded research network project Tapping the Power of Foreign Language Films: Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation (AHRC AH/N007026/1), and will be delivered by an international team of AVT, film studies and industry experts  brought together by the project for an interdisciplinary Research Workshop on AVT as cross-cultural mediation with a focus on reception. 

 The workshop will involve a mix of taster presentations in the morning and hands-on activities in the afternoon. It will be a unique opportunity to engage with the work of leading international experts and benefit from their experience and guidance, in this very new domain of research.  

The workshop is free to attend and covers tea/coffee and lunch. Other (travel or other) expenses are individual participants’ reponsibilityPlaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.



Time Activity
9:45 Registration
10:00 Introduction: What do we know about film(s in) translation and audiences responses to linguistic and cultural representation? (MN Guillot)
Participants introduction
10:30 Taster sessions by the delivery team - Research challenges and methodologies from the perspectives/approaches represented in the delivery team.

There will be 10 sessions to chose from (10-minute presentations, 5 mn for questions) (please see session descriptors for titles and details)

• each session will be delivered twice as shown below [slots 1 + 3 for 1 to 5; slots 2 + 4 for 6-10]

• each participant will be able to select and attend 4 sessions over the overall four-sessions programme slot
11:30 Tea/Coffee
11:45 Post-taster sessions: impact on participants’ experience
• Sharing out and discussion of experience in sub-groups of participants representing the range of taster sessions, with observers/respondents from the workshop team
12:15 Full group debriefing with short reports from each of the subgroup/discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Two options
1) Demo Sessions - Software and/or Methodology
1) Mock Micro-Research Projects
16:00 Tea/Coffe with Mini-Scones
16:30 Debriefing/way forward/research groups
17:30 Close

Feedback 10 Nov Research Training Workshop

A few comments from participants


All of them
Interdisciplinary aspect - good to bring together a knowledge pool from different sides of the AVT/film worlds
Small groups, working on specific research projects, a great way to get an insight into other researchers’ work and methodology
Networking, food for thought, new ideas for research methodologies
Great number of wonderful people from different research backgrounds and interests
Latest information on AVT research ….                                                    


Benefits for your research or professional activities

[…] more confident about AVT in general, […] have discovered some very useful avenues for potential research and application to my own professional work
The knowledge shared and acquired today will inform my future research projects and ideas for researching and communicating and teaching AVT. The different research methodologies offered an eye-opening experience as to the wealth of tools available.
The workshop gave me food for thought, for my research and for event organisation!


Wide variety of sessions to choose from, all of very high quality; friendly, knowledgeable tutors who explained everything patiently; very rich content throughout: I have learned a great deal
Innovative ways to rethink methodologies
Chance to talk to authors of important papers
Stimulating conversations, interesting people, information on tools and methodologies


Eye-opening though provoking, fun packed day
Everything has been extremely interesting and hugely beneficial for my own research
It was like speed dating for research – fun and very stimulating


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